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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



These terms of delivery are binding on all supply contracts and any contractual negotiations relating to such contracts, if declared applicable in the offer or confirmation. Terms of customers to the contrary shall only apply insofar as they have been exressly approved by MeshFiltration in written forms.

Objects to confirmation have to be asserted in good time (before the start of production)

All documents between customers and MeshFiltration have to been in writing in order to be valid.


Inspections of the Goods and Services Supplied

MeshFiltration will inspect the goods and services supplied within the normal limits of its process control system (In House). If customers demand extensive inspections, a separate agreement is to be reached regarding them and they are to be paid by customers.


Delivery Time

The delivery time shall start as soon as the order has been accepted by MeshFiltration and all technical points have been settled.

The Delivery time should be reasonably extended.
    .If the information required by MeshFiltration for the performance of contracts has not been received in time, or customers subsequently change the contracts.
    .If terms of payments are not met, letter of credits are opened too late, or Chinese national holidays are coming during the process of production.


All MeshFiltration's snythetic woven mesh is packaged in rolls in PP woven bags; Woven Wire Meshes are packaged in kraft paper and put in wooden boxes. Any special packing shall be stipulated in writing and charged for.

Delivery, Transport and Insurance

Costs of Freight and packing are stipulated on the contracts in the price terms agreed by both parties.

Terms of Payment

Terms of payment are agreed by MeshFiltration and customers in writing, which is usually understood as T/T in advance for small orders, or Sight L/C in favor of MeshFiltration, or T/T30% for starting production and the rest 70% aganist photocopy of shipping documents(Bill of Lading, Invoice, Contracts, Packing List, if no otherwise stipulted by both parties).

Non Performace of Supply Contracts

If customer does not meet his obligations, MeshFiltration shall be entitled, after having given prior written notification, to suspend work on goods or services to be supplied to the same customer, or to withdraw from the contract, and customer shall pay the cost of labor and services that have already been invested in production.

Customer can only withdraw orders from the contract with the written consent of MeshFiltration.


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