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MeshFiltration supplies synthetic meshes: nylon meshes, polyamide meshes, polyester screen meshes, printing meshes and stainless steel wire meshes. MeshFiltration is able to customize fabrication of mesh bags for different applications.

Mesh bags can be fabricated according to customers' drawings, samples or instructions given in details by email, telephone or fax.


Because MeshFiltration has large ready stock of woven meshes, either nylon meshes and polyester meshes, MeshFiltration is able to accept orders of custom produced meshes in small orders, which has won MeshFiltration an edge over other manufacturers of woven meshes; MeshFiltration has special cutting machines and weaving machines for sewing custom mesh bags.


The Meshes bags can be applied in ink filtration, liquid filtration; MeshFiltration has successfully supplied customers world wide with quality products with different sizes, some are as small as several inches. Moreover, MeshFiltration has the capablities of customised fabrications of tea bags according to customers' design, either flat tea mesh bags or special shaped tea mesh bags are acceptable.

If you are not sure what meshes to be applied in your application, you can submit the information of your working conditions at info@meshfiltration.com, our technical staff will be of help to you to select proper meshes to fabricate bags.

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MeshFiltration specilize in Printing Mesh Series(Polyester Printing Mesh,Stainless Steel Screen Printing Mesh,Polyamide Printing Mesh ) to Filter Mesh Series(Polyester Filter Mesh, Nylon Filter Mesh,Polyethylene Mesh,Polypropylene Mesh) and Metal Mesh Series(Stainless Steel Wire Mesh) since 1981.You can find all fine printing mesh and filter mesh at MeshFiltration Co. Ltd.